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New Launch Ultimate MacBook Repair Guide ebook!

Ultimate MacBook Repair Guide


6 MAR 2021

Learn How to Repair TV Panel with the Help of COF BoardView without Replace a TV Panel  

How to use the COF BoardView to repair led TV screen panel


23 FEB 2020

Learn How to Repair Washing Machine (Washer) Through Training Manuals

 LG WM3001 Washer  samsung wf5000 wf6000


21 Feb 2020

A Quick Tips on How to Bypass 4X LED Blinking Error for Sony KDL-55W900A Smart LED TV 

How to bypass protection for Sony KDL-55W900A Smart LED TV


18 Jan 2020

New 2020 New eBook! V7-Smart OLED/LED/LCD TV Repair Tips ebook is Pre-Launch Now!

V7-Smart OLED-LED-LCD TV Repair Tips 

16 Jan 2020

Samsung UA32D4003B LED TV Display Darkness Problem_BN44-00472A Common Fault!

samsung tv power supply bn44-00472A PSU 


23 December 2019

How to Repair Samsung C27F591FD (LC27F591FD) Curved LED Monitor with Screen Blur Problem

samsung curved led monitor full hd tv


25 November 2019

New Laptop ebook is launching now!

Collection of Laptop Repair Tips


17 October 2019 

TP.MS638.PC821 Universal TV Mainboard with Power LED Red Light but Won’t Startup Problem

tp.ms638.pc821 universal tv mainboard motherboard

5 October 2019

2019 New eBook is Pre-Launch Now!

Collection of Laptop Repair Tips eBook 

collection of laptop/notebook repair tips ebook


21 August 2019

How to Repair LED TV Screen Panel with Display Rolling Problem?

troubleshooting led tv screen panel problem

8 July 2019

Samsung 2015 Refrigerator Training Course

samsung refrigerator repair manual


7 July 2019

Panasonic LED TV using Hisense 5730 Mainboard with Can’t Start-up Problem Solved  

panasonic tv with hisense mainboard 5730


1 July 2019

New 2019 LED/LCD TV T-CON & Panel Repair Guide is Launch now!

2019 new led lcd tv t-con & panel repair guide


3 June 2019

 Ho w to Upgrade or Add Storage to the iPhone 7 from 32GB to 128GB Easily

successful upgrade apple iphone 7 to 128GB

26 May 2019

New 2019 LED/LCD TV T-CON & Panel Repair Guide is Pre-Launch now!

LED/LCD TV T-CON & Panel Repair Guide


25 May 2019

 How to Use RT809H Programmer to Read/Write Samsung TV MCU-WT61P808


how to fix samsung smart tv mainboard mcu problem


12 May 2019

 Smart TV Mainboard ZLS47HIS-V1 with Cannot Startup Problem Solved

smart led tv mainboard repair tips


6 May 2019

 Skyworth 8M19 Chassis LED TV with TV Screen Full of Vertical Lines


fix led tv vertical lines problem


6 May 2019

 Apple Macbook Air A1466 Laptop Sometimes Cannot Power On


apple macbook air A1466 laptop


27 Aprill 2019

Always provided a great repair article to all of you! Enjoy repair!

 BOE 55 Inches Screen with Vertical Bar/Lines Problem Solved!

55 panel screen with vertical lines bar problem


19 Jan 2018

2019 New eBook Launch Now!

V6.0-Smart OLED/LED/LCD TV Repair Tips ebook

v6-smart-oled-led-lcd tv repair tips



Solution to Apple iPhone XS/XS Max Common Issues 

apple iphone xs-xs max solution

URL Link is corrected!


29 October 2018

LG Front Washer with LE Error Code Solution!

washer le error code


22 October 2018

New ebook Pre-Launch now!

V6.0- Smart OLED/LED/LCD TV Repair Tip ebook!!!

v6-smart oled-led-lcd tv repair tips


2 October 2018

Just to let you know the RT809F & RT809H programmer have released a new version software. 

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27 August 2018

How to Fix Apple iPhone That Can’t Turn On

apple iphone 6s cant turn on


13 August 2018

TCL L43F8300A Smart LED TV Cannot Start-up

how to repair smart tv mainboard


2 August 2018

Last call for the Laptop Chip Level Repair Guide offer price, it will expire after 72 hours and the price will back to normal!!!

best laptop chip level repair guide


2 August 2018

New repairing information added in this page: "Service Menu" some people will called it as "Service Mode" or "Factory Mode"

Click here to visit the "Service Menu" page


25 June 2018

How to use Meter

LED Monitor Service Manual

Blu-Ray Disc Player SM

Refrigerator Fasttrack Troubleshooting


16 Apr 2018

New ebook Pre-Launch now! If you're Laptop repairer or you're interesting to learn the Laptop Mainboard chip level repair, this ebook is MUST have!

laptop mother board chip level repair guide


7 Apr 2018

1) Universal Smart LCD LED TV Mainboard Save by a Small Capacitor 

repair led lcd tv mainboard problem


2) Universal LCD LED TV Mainboard TP-MS628-PC821 Schematic Diagram 

repair universal led lcd tv mainboard tp.ms628.pc821


3) Quanta JM3 Laptop Mainboard Power-Up Sequence 

laptop repair power up sequence


4) LG Top Mount Freezer-Refrigerator Display Lights Error Codes

 refrigerator error codes 6  how to repair freezer 11



1 Apr 2018

 1) Samsung LED TV Common Fault (One of the good article)

how to repair samsung led tv


 2) Intel i3 & i5 Power On Sequence for Dell Inspiron N3010 Laptop 

dell n3010 inspiron laptop notebook



how to fix oled tv lg 55c7p



6 Feb 2018

A Samsung LCD TV strange backlight problem can’t be solved, but it is working?

 bn44-00264a cause no backlight problem


8 Dec 2017

2018 New Ebook V2.0-LED/LCD Screen Panel Repair Guide is Launch Now!