Compatible or Equivalent model for LCD TV & Plasma Tv

 Why use this list? When you want to find the repair information for AudioVox FPE1506, but you can find this model of service manual on the download area or even on the internet too. Then you need to find out their compatible model, for example: FPE1506 is using Xoceco LC-15Y18 chassis, so you need to find the Xoceco LC-15Y18 service manual.

Not only that, the Xoceco or Prima also cover other brands like: Advent, Dynex, Insignia, Jensen, Legend, Olevia, Polaroid, Prima and probably more than i've been able to cross. Most of them cover both PAL and NTSC versions. Even the SANYO also have some model are made by (or use their chassis) Xoceco too!

 Xoceco/Prima Compatible Brand & Model 
  L23K6_7  Polaroid FLM-2601
  L37K7  Polaroid FLM-3701
  LC-15Y3  AudioVox FPE1505, Legend LEC1524
  LC-15Y18  AudioVox FPE1506
  LC-17H2  AudioVox FPE1705
  LC19Y21  AudioVox FPE1906
  LC20H3  AudioVox FPE2000
 LC20H15  Polaroid FLM-2011
  LC-20Y3  AudioVox FPE2005
  LC-20Y15  Legend LEC2015
  LC-20Y18  AudioVox FPE2006
  LC-20Y19  Legend LEC2019
  LC-23K6  AudioVox FPE2305
  LC-23Y18  AudioVox FPE2306
  LC-26FB26  Sanyo AVL261
  LC-27FC18  AudioVox FPE2706
  LC-27K6  Legend LEC2706
  LC-27U6  AudioVox FPE2705
  LC-27U18  Legend LEC2720
  LC-30B1  AudioVox FPE3000
  LC-32FC18  AudioVox FPE3206 & FPE3207
  LC-32K5  AudioVox FPE3205, Legend LEC3205
  LC-32K18  Legend LEC3220
  LC-37K7  AudioVox FPE3705
  LC-37FC18  AudioVox FPE3706
  LC-37FE18  AudioVox FPE3707HR
  LC-37HV41  Insignia NS-LCD37HD-09
  LC-40K17  Legend LEC4017
  LC-42FE18  AudioVox FPE4207HR
  LC-47FE27  AudioVox FPE4707HR
  PH-42FB7  AudioVox FPE4216 & FPE4217P
  PH-42T7  Legend LEP4228
  PH-50FB18  AudioVox FPE5016P
  PH-63FB8  AudioVox FPE6317P
  PS-42K8  Legend LEP4238

 Gradiente PLT-4230, Insignia INP4219, Legend LEP4218





 Other Brands  Compatible Brand & Models
 BEKO Chassis L9  Bush IDLCD26TV05HD
 BEKO Chassis LC  Bush LCD15TV005 ATQ00, Toshiba 20VL63G
 Beko Chassis L5A  Bush LCD22TV005, Toshiba 20VL44
 Funai Chassis FL9.0  Emerson LC195EMX, Magnavox 22MF339B/F7, Magnavox 19MF339B/F7, Sylvania LC195SLX, Sylvania LC225SSX, Sylvania LC195SSX
 Funai Cahssis FL9.1  Emerson LC320EMX, Magnavox 32MF339B/F7, Sylvania LC320SLX, Sylvania LC320SSX
 Funai Chassis FL9.2  Magnavox 42MF439B/F7, Sylvania LC427SSX
 Funai Chassis FL9.3   Sylvania LD195SSX, Emerson LD195EMX, Emerson LD190EM1, Magnavox 19MD350B-F7, Magnavox 19MD359B/F7, Sylvania LC190SL1
 Funai Chassis FL10.0  Emerson LC190EM1, Magnavox 19MF330B/F7, Sylvania LC190SL1
 Funai Chassis FL10.5  Magnavox 40MF430B/F7, Sylvania LC407SS1
 Vestel Chassis 17MB08P  Bush LCD17TV002
 Vestel Chassis 17MB08P5  GOODMANS GTV26WLCD
 Vestel Chassis 17MB222  Toshiba 20W330DB
 Vestel Chassis 17MB24H  Toshiba 19W330DB
 Vestel Chassis 17MB15  Toshiba 27WL54G
 Vestel Chassis 17MB116  Wharfedale LCD3210AF
 Vestel Chassis 17MB 15E3  Wharfedale LCD26HDMI


*Remember, this list will be change without notice, and when we get to know more new compatible model numbers, we will continue to modify this lists as update as possible. Please keep coming back to check out this lists when you’re free or if you want to check some OEM or third party brands LCD or Plasma TV model.

** If you have other compatible model want to share with us, you're welcome and please contact me. Thanks.